KCEOC Community Action agency was formed in Kentucky, USA, in 1964 and helps combat poverty by improving communities – providing energy assistance, housing, job training, education, child care and much more. It is dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.

Commenting on the agency’s purchase of NetSupport DNA, Technology Manager, John Baker explains, “The agency needed an intuitive, user-friendly software that would allow me to see computers and track them easily. Prior to purchasing NetSupport, I researched products for over a year and tried various solutions, but none worked out”.

Describing NetSupport DNA as “comprehensive” and “something in the real world that works,” John further comments: “I never knew how useful DNA would be until we put it on other machines. DNA has been such a great tool that I have already begun training our intern on the product and feel we are becoming more responsive and proactive without the user even seeing it.”

In addition to helping the agency see its savings with its range of reports, John says: “The energy monitoring tool is great, as it allows me to see all of the computers that are left on and I can shut them down right from my machine. The internet metering is also a helpful way of finding trouble-users, which I can notify so they stop their activity. I am excited to use the print monitoring tool as this feature will be very helpful in securing grants as many of the grant programs want detailed reports of the number of pages printed, which DNA can now help with”.

To learn more about NetSupport DNA and how it could benefit your organisation, please visit www.netsupportdna.com.