Organised by Teaching Personnel, National Teaching Assistants’ Day (15th September 2017), is an annual event that was started in order to recognise the valuable contribution of Teaching Assistants to the education and support of school children across the UK.

Technology is an important learning tool in today’s classrooms and, with NetSupport School, Teaching Assistants can be empowered to closely support teachers during their lessons. The NetSupport School Tutor App is an extension to the traditional Tutor application and, as it is tablet and smartphone compatible, it enables Teaching Assistants to not only monitor all student workstations and help retain control of the class, but also restrict access to websites, applications and printing and monitor progress – all while being able to move around the classroom to give students maximum attention.

The Tutor Assistant app is free to download for all mobile variants from Apple iTunes, Google Play and the Amazon App store.

Read more about NetSupport School’s Tutor Assistant app and how it could help your school here: