The Hot Water Challenge is a new trend that has been sweeping across social media and has already killed one child and injured several others according to The Sun.

The challenge encourages young children to film themselves pouring hot water over themselves or an unsuspecting person. A spin-off of the game includes drinking the scolding hot water.

Although the trend seems to be more prevalent in the US, there are a small number of posts and videos referring to the Hot Water Challenge from British social media accounts, showing that the trend is spreading.

These horrific incidents are reminders of how vigilant parents and schools must be of children, and how important it is to educate children on digital citizenship. Helping to identify concerning trends in the schools, NetSupport DNA’s keyword monitoring tool, monitors and alerts staff to any activity that indicates a child may be a risk. From providing a simple log of the event, through to capturing a screenshot or a video recording of the user’s activity when a keyword is triggered- it shows the full background to the event, helping schools to determine the next course of action.