Internet Day celebrates the first internet transmission in 1969 (the sending of the first electronic message which was transferred from one computer to another). Today, the internet has become one of the most important parts of our lives and many of us couldn’t think of spending one day without it. Not only has it made our lives much easier but has also opened up many opportunities and an equal advantage to sharing services and knowledge.

The internet also presents a couple of new challenges. In a business environment, the internet can hinder productivity as employees spend time during their working hours surfing the web. And in schools, students can become distracted by it, access inappropriate content or disrupt ICT-led lessons.

Helping businesses and schools benefit from the internet whilst mitigating these challenges is IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA. With its internet metering and control tools, plus keyword monitoring, it can apply lists of “approved” and “restricted” websites, plus highlight who is accessing which sites and when, allowing the organisation to take the appropriate action.