St Peter’s RC High School is a Roman Catholic High School based on a single site in central Manchester. With around 960 pupils between the ages of 11 and 16 and approximately 150 staff, they have around 750 machines, plus a server infrastructure in place to support them.

IT Manager, Dan Highton, explains“One of the biggest challenges – and one that we have in common with most schools – is the funding and cost of maintaining systems. We have an enterprise grade infrastructure, but that comes at a cost of trying to keep up with the pace of technology. Our fleet of desktops ranges from brand new devices through to PCs of around six or seven years old (which came as an investment as part of the BSF programme), so now, as the time goes on, we are constantly striving to get the most out of all our IT assets in terms of performance”.

With the use of NetSupport School, Dan further explains how it’s helped at the school including the main benefits to teaching, he explains “Our teachers find that they get a lot of benefit from it in terms of the control that they have over the devices and the ability to gain the attention of the class. Keeping students on task is the biggest thing, but teachers can keep them engaged by sharing their screen to every student’s device so can see it in front of them, rather than having to look at a central screen at the front of the class. Some of our departments (e.g. IT and Business Studies) find that conducting tests through NetSupport School’s Testing module and assessing whether they’ve understood a topic with student surveys are really good ways to get the students involved and interacting.

From our point of view, it’s really handy for us to be able to access the hardware and software inventory details on PCs – and carry out direct support through the Tech Console. Rather than physically having to go to different machines in different classrooms, we can just jump on a machine remotely and help anyone who is having problems.”

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