For the last seven years, IAITAM has collaborated with industry leaders to raise awareness of IT Asset Management during the month of December.

IT Asset Management (ITAM) supports the IT environment while also providing insight into financial records to optimize an organization’s spending while supporting more informed decision making.

Having an ITAM solution in place can help protect organizations and positively impact their bottom line by providing detailed reporting on how their IT infrastructure is performing, which can also lead to reduced IT costs by determining underutilized assets.

To best protect their assets, organizations should ensure they have an all-inclusive ITAM solution to help them make strategic decisions, reduce IT costs, and create a productive environment.

  • Make Strategic Decisions – ITAM solutions can provide IT technicians with inventory features and reporting tools to allow more efficient decision making.
  • Reduce IT Costs – Businesses can save money by easily maintaining software licenses and avoid costly renewals for software that is no longer needed – or conversely be alerted to potential compliance issues through license misuse.
  • Increase Productivity – Many hours are wasted daily on non-work related tasks. Using an ITAM solution can help improve productivity with internet and application metering features to keep staff on task.

To ensure maximum awareness of IT assets and their performance, it is recommended that organizations use a scalable solution of easy-to-use tools for managing and supporting IT assets and endpoints across their networks.

One such solution is NetSupport DNA. Organizations can try it in their own environments free for 30 days to see how its wealth of components – including: automatic discovery of devices; hardware and software inventory; real-time screen monitoring; software license management and enterprise reporting – can bring tangible benefits to their enterprise.