Featuring in “Innovate My School”, Al Kingsley (chair of a Multi Academy Trust and a local Governors’ Leadership Group), shares some hints and tips to how schools can meet the official 12 steps to achieving GDPR compliancy.

Taking effect on 25th May 2018, many schools still are uncertain of what actually needs to be done to ensure they comply with the new GDPR regulations – not just by that date, but sustainably thereafter.

One of the key things highlighted is to remember that there is still time. If, despite all of your best efforts, your processes aren’t quite in place by then, it’s highly unlikely that a school will be fined on day one.

Al summaries his key points as: “Gather the facts about your data and know where it is stored; discover how and why the data is used; protect it; record and report and keep all evidence if it goes astray.”

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