NetSupport Radio was back at Bett 2018 and hosted by Russell Prue who, over the four days, interviewed a range of people within the education sector, one of whom was Ann Marie Christian from Child First Consultancy, who discussed safeguarding.

She explains: “In the last 10 years safeguarding has completely changed: virtual, online abuse, webcams and so on. And parents are just not aware of people posing as friends, child-age children. There are lots of apps in the last year where there have been people pretending to be innocent children, getting children to do things, paying them, filming them – and in real time people are sending very  inappropriate emojis to children.”

“The landscape is quite concerning – the whole thing with parents posting pictures of their children online (I call it sharenting; the new parenting). It’s disturbing because young children have no choice in that. And when they get older, that footprint is always there. I’m very worried about parents generally and how they don’t see the dangers of that.”

“When parents give children access to the internet; it’s like giving them a knife to play with. It’s dangerous … especially unsupervised access. Parents don’t seem to realise the risks and that’s quite concerning.”

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