On day 1 of Bett, Russell Prue (host and broadcaster of NetSupport Radio) was joined by Al Kingsley, Managing Director of NetSupport and Chair of a MAT, to discuss the changes seen over the past year in the use of education technology.

Al explains, “Without a doubt, the number one focus within the edition sector – and certainly from my role within a MAT – is all about cost. It’s all about looking for economies of scale (that’s one of the benefits of MAT), and so we’ve seen more and more pressure on vendors like ourselves in terms of ticking three boxes: saving money, supporting GDPR in terms of discovering and managing data, and keeping children safe in a secure environment. Over the past year, we have seem more of a focus on digital citizenship in terms of education from the start. It’s about making children aware of how to conduct themselves and keep themselves safe online.

“In the classroom, we talk about some of the educational strands such as TPACK (using technology to leverage and support that pedagogy and the content in the classroom). It’s so easy to offer all this power without providing the controls to actually make sure it’s used in a safe and responsible way.”

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