With NetSupport School, teachers can manage students’ Chromebooks from their own PC or Chromebook and use its range of award-winning features to assess, collaborate, control and manage the classroom; making it the perfect solution for teaching and learning in a Chrome OS environment (as well as all other platforms).

The latest version of the Chrome Tutor (version 1.13) now includes new features and enhancements.

Its completely refreshed user interface now makes it even easier to identify and navigate to features. In addition to the improved Thumbnail Zoom performance which now allows teachers to zoom in faster to see what students are doing and ensure they remain on task, teachers can also access the newly added ‘Details View’. This provides them with an instant overview of current internet activity across the classroom by displaying the active URL for each connected Student device.

With added support for NetSupport School’s User Mode connectivity options, Chrome Tutors can now quickly connect to the required Student devices by logged-on username/email. This additional support means schools have more flexibility when setting up and connecting to classrooms; helping to maximise lesson time.

To try this for free in your classroom, click here.

Example of a teacher monitoring the class from a single view.

Example showing a teacher applying approved and restricted website urls to a class, in the new User Interface.

Example showing a teacher conducting a class survey for instant feedback on topic understanding.