Watch the first chapter of the Big Education Debate, part 2, which discusses technology in the classroom and the impact it is having on learning experiences and outcomes.

Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) also discusses the innovations that caught his attention at Bett 2018. He explains: “One of the things that really caught my attention was the prevalence of mixed reality where augmented reality and fully immersed reality meet. There have also been some great discussions around future computing, such as quantum computers being built. With such powerful computing power, [it will be interesting to see] how will that help teachers in the future through AI and inform them about making the right choices around supporting learners in the classroom.”

Meanwhile, Al Kingsley (Managing Director of NetSupport and Chair of a multi-academy trust) discusses the drivers for new technologies: “We are continuing to see a trend towards looking for a solution that’s device agnostic – that concept where you want to invest in technology and be able to utilise it in whatever the space may be – and the need for flexibility. We’ve also seen a move from looking at technology as being this tool to manage IT and behaviour in the classroom, to moving much more towards it being an enabler and facilitator to learning, along the lines of the TPACK concept.”

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