Al Kingsley, Managing Director of NetSupport and Chair of a Multi Academy Trust, shares how to make next year’s school budget go the extra mile.

Al explains: “It takes a good deal of planning and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but one of the primary benefits of operating as a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) means that significant savings, alongside central HR and Finance functions, can also be can be made on IT to make next year’s budget go the extra mile.

“At the very highest level, a MAT can standardise its network and centrally procure the services it runs in all its schools, offering economies of scale and efficiency savings on things such as licensing and maintenance contracts.

“Plus, the significance of being a MAT can mean more power to negotiate contract terms to improve value for money across the group – or work with a supplier to develop, test and implement any bespoke functionality required, by having more influence than if it was a standalone school.”

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