Frederick Gough School is the largest secondary school in Lincolnshire, with 1300 students and 200 members of staff located over multiple buildings.

Matthew Snell, Network Manager, talks about their main IT challenges: “The biggest one was monitoring. We have laptops and desktops in every department as well as the IT suites – and all staff have their own machines too. The three main areas where NetSupport DNA has particularly helped are in remote support, monitoring and safeguarding. Before, we were struggling with safeguarding. We had no idea of what students were searching for and our filtering system was very basic. Using NetSupport DNA, we have the full safeguarding database, which we have also added to, so it has massively improved our safeguarding capabilities and what we have to cover by law. It’s so much more efficient than before: we can see the reports of what students have been searching for – and having that insight also means that we can get to a student who may need help more quickly than we could before.”

He concludes, “NetSupport’s solutions are a massive improvement compared to our previous ones. Our previous solution kept crashing; it just wouldn’t do what we needed it to do. Its filtering was very weak and only gave us very limited accessibility on a remote session. With DNA, it’s a complete turnaround; it’s very fluent and everything just works!”

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