There are all sorts of emergencies that could occur during work time. Fortunately, while many occurrences are few and far between (e.g. intruder on the premises, local community disaster affecting the organisation), organisations do need to have procedures in place to help them manage the security of their staff according to best practice.

Organisation lockdown policies have come under the spotlight in the wake of recent terror attacks in the UK and across the world. When invoked, lockdown policies involve creating a closed space where all external doors and windows are locked to make sure any situation can be contained, as well as prevent people from moving into areas where danger is present. Where appropriate, plans should be in place to bring staff who are outside into the organisation’s buildings as quickly as possible – as well as alert staff to the activation of the lockdown. Lockdowns can be full or partial to contain threats in one part of the organisation, if necessary.

Desktop notification and alerting tools such as NetSupport Notify can be a vital communication tool during a organisation’s lockdown procedure – and some integrate it as an official part of their emergency plans.

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