In chapter 1 of the Big Education Debate (part 3) the panellists discuss the future of edtech in the UK.

The key speakers in this chapter include Al Kingsley, NetSupport MD and multi-academy Trust Chair, who brings his knowledge and experience to the table from both developer and school governance perspectives; Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) who gives his expert contribution on edtech and classroom apps; Kellie Williams, who is the Digital Leader at Cornist Park CP School in Flint, Wales; Ty Goddard, who is the co-founder of The Education Foundation and Chair of EdTech UK; and the host, Russell Prue (experienced radio broadcaster and driving force behind school radio company, Anderton Tiger).

The discussion begins with a view from Ty about the current state of edtech in the UK and how important it is for schools to keep up with technology-led learning. Although schools are improving on this, teacher confidence plays a big part in how a school weaves technology into lessons. Al explains how smart technology design can support educators and schools by being an intuitive tool that doesn’t get in the way of learning – while Mark outlines the importance of starting with small steps and increasing use gradually, and Kellie explains that technology continues to shape classroom practice and pedagogy and in the future hopes to see more of AR and VR in the classroom to create richer learning experiences.

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