Mark Anderson (also known as the ICT Evangelist) interviews Al Kingsley (NetSupport MD and multi-academy Trust Chair) about the tools that can help schools manage their technology whilst reducing operational costs.

Al Kingsley explains: “At NetSupport, it’s about helping reduce the operational cost in a school from an IT perspective and that’s really the starting point and the building block in our core products.”

He continues: “The next stage looks at discovering what is across a school’s IT estate. With information such as what kit is available and how much of it is used (including software licences), schools can make better purchasing and renewing decisions – making further savings.

“Another benefit from gaining an IT activity overview is the evidence it can provide to highlight that technology has an impact in the school, which can support a school’s case for further investment.”

Other topics discussed within the interview include benefits from time-saving tools that over the course of a day can add real value in terms of staff productivity and the tools that can enhance a school’s safeguarding approach.

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