Bury Grammar School is an all-through school across five sites and with just under 600 PCs. It caters for children aged between three and 18, with students being independently taught from the ages of seven to 16.

Before using NetSupport DNA (Network and IT Management software) the school had two main issues, explains Ben Whitaker, Head of IT Services: “Firstly, an ever-increasing electric bill that we needed to find some way of managing. Secondly, we needed to find efficiencies, which was not easy with only a small core team of technicians for a school that is spread over various sites.”

Once the school began to use NetSupport DNA, Ben told us: “The feedback I get from my technicians is that DNA is just brilliant; it has made them more streamlined and so much quicker at responding to jobs because they can remote onto PCs so easily and all the tools they need are at hand. … With just one look, you can see and collate information – you can’t imagine just how much it has helped! We knew it was great product but to actually see it and use it is something else.”

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