Henry Platten (Founder of eCadets and GoBubble) joins Al Kingsley on NetSupport Radio to discuss the importance of digital citizenship, the alliance between eCadets and NetSupport, plus much more! 

Al Kingsley comments: “As an organisation, lots of the team, including myself, are involved in education, and we’re conscious that when it comes to safeguarding, technology’s place is to capture and inform. The ‘inform’ is to really give Designated Safeguarding Leads and teachers notice of when a child is at risk – and that’s key. Historically, a lot of solutions create lots of chatter and alerts and it’s really hard to see the wood from the trees – but we look at how we can make that information more accurate and succinct.

“Going one step back, ultimately we want those people to be digital citizens, to be informed, so there are fewer alerts triggered and risks online, but that’s something software can’t fix. And so it’s obvious to us to align ourselves with the specialists in this area with experience, and eCadets is respected as one of the best solutions out there.”

Henry adds: “We see eCadets and NetSupport as two pieces of the same jigsaw and really having that close alliance and friendship will only strengthen the work we do for the schools.”

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