NetSupport’s Managing Director, Al Kingsley, recently featured in the PC Pro article ‘How do I best support my remote workers?’

The article includes several companies, including NetSupport, and highlights the changing landscape of IT and which tools can help businesses support remote workers.

“A cornerstone of many IT departmental workflows for the past 30 years, NetSupport Manager has integrated new ways of connecting, growing from LAN-only to encompass first WAN, and then the internet. With every change, it’s reconsidered the security implications of pushing updates, viewing screens and controlling client machines over longer distances and across less predictable topologies.

“A couple of releases back, we integrated the PIN Connect server,” Al explains. “It’s another secure and quick connection option within NetSupport Manager that, from a company perspective, saves IT teams a lot of time and money by reducing travel time (and its expenses) to any of the multiple sites that the company has; the work can be done remotely and on the go.”

You can read the full article in the latest edition of PC Pro magazine.