Henry Platten (eCadets) is joined in the NetSupport Radio studio by Al Kingsley (MD of NetSupport), Mark Anderson (ICTEvangelist) and ‘Team Anderson’.

Together they discuss all aspects of digital citizenship – from an industry perspective to parenting and pedagogy.

Henry asked Mark, “As a Dad, what challenge have you found in raising digital citizens?”

“We try to make it so the activities they are doing online are positive, from designing t-shirts online and getting them printed,” Mark responded. “The social aspect of using technology is really alien to them due to their age. There are some times when I share what they have done online and they are keen to know who seen it and like the fact it can be shared, but it’s not something they do themselves yet.”

Mark then goes on to look at the crossover between parental involvement and being in the classroom.

“There are similarities between the two roles. As a teacher, the same things you would do to safeguard as a parent, you do as a teacher i.e. sharing students’ work online in a safe way.”

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