Mark Anderson (ICTEvangelist) states “NetSupport School comes into its own. Its beauty is in its simplicity.”

He explains “Despite there being lots of different mobile learning and 1:1 strategies in schools, many have a more traditional ‘PC Suite’ installation or a trolley of devices that are shared around the school for learners to use. This can often mean that technology isn’t pervasive and for teachers who don’t use technology very often, it can make things quite difficult for them to manage when they come to want to use it again. As we know from the research around retrieval practice and Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve, if we don’t revisit our learning often, over time we will forget it.

This is where NetSupport School can help. Want to quickly grab the attention of all the learners in your classroom? Simply click the lock button. Want to quickly get them back working again? Simply click the unlock button. Want to ask all of the class a quick ‘on the fly’ question? It’s another easy step straight from the toolbar. It’s a similar approach with all of the features and this is where you can start to really capitalise on making a superb, efficient and focussed learning environment with technology; even if using technology is something you don’t do that often!”

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