Henry Platten (eCadets) interviews Al Kingsley on the key tasks that school governors should be reviewing at this time of year.

Al starts by outlining the differences between local authorities and academies – and describes the checklists for each.

“There are subtle differences, but there is also a lot of common ground. The Holy Bible in terms of a school infrastructure and who does what, is the scheme and delegation. And so, most typically, within an academy chain, there will be functions (that from a local authority school will be tackled by a local governing body) that are delegated up to be handled by trustees – and that will include finance and personnel and policies … So although there may be a difference balance between whether you’re an academy or a local authority school, there is a lot of common ground.”

Some of the key points Al covers include:

  • Elect the Chair and Vice-chair of the local governing body (Chair may have already been appointed by the Trust).
  • Appoint your clerk to the local governing body (if appropriate).
  • Set or review meeting dates for the year and check for clashes with any key school events.

To listen to the full interview, click here.