Do you know that every single software licence in your organisation is located with the correct person and is getting maximum usage? If not, NetSupport DNA’s Application Metering module could help you drill down on ad hoc licence purchases and save you money at the same time.

Monitoring application use ensures software licences are assigned to the people who need them and aren’t renewed without evidence of application activity; thus enabling cost savings. The module reports on all applications used on each PC or server, detailing the time it was started and finished, as well as the actual time it was active.

To help you with productivity, for example, usage can also be restricted, either fully or just by time of day. Lists of approved and restricted applications, together with times when restrictions apply, can be created and enforced centrally.

Application metering also enables organisations to monitor and report current licence usage levels for all installed applications and ensure that application usage complies with the organisation’s policy.

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