With NetSupport Notify, messages and alerts can be delivered instantly to all or selected users (across multiple platforms and unattended public information displays) across any size or type of organisation. It not only removes the potential delays experienced with emails entering an already busy in-box but also ensures the messages are read instantly and can’t be ignored by users with its screen presence – saving precious time for more urgent alerts.

Plus, if there isn’t time to type a lengthy message, the sender can create and use a ready-made “emergency response” and send it via a hotkey combination from the office or on the move with our dedicated mobile apps.

For recurring events, senders can schedule these in advance for a fixed time and date – hourly, daily, weekly, even every “xx minutes” reducing the time spent continually setting up and sending these out.

Lastly, NetSupport Notify does not require regular management of contacts; making it a quick and easy solution to use.

“We find NetSupport Notify to be a cost-effective, mature product. It has helped us save money and time, increase productivity and much more.” Bloor Homes

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