Al Kingsley, Mark Anderson, and Henry Platten discuss how to increase staff training and development on a budget, plus explore how to get the most from school technology. 

Mark Anderson from ICT Evangelist starts the discussion by explaining that although it’s important to bring external speakers into a school to share new ideas and knowledge, it’s also useful to create a platform that enables teachers within the school to share, discuss and show best practice. For example, an internal teach meet that allows teachers to meet for 15mins a week is a low-cost solution. Sharing and talking with other teachers is also another form of CDP.

Mark also highlights the importance of taking control of your own CPD. Social platforms such as Twitter provide a great platform to connect, discuss and share ideas – plus an opportunity to learn what others have tried that may not have been as successful and to avoid repeating.

In some schools, they set the students the challenge of finding apps to improve their lessons and pitching it back to the teacher in a ‘dragon’s den’ style. This is not only a great task for students, but it helps the teacher road test the technology from a student’s perspective.

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