Grove City is a private, Christian High School with approximately 630 students in grades K-12.

James McIlhargey, IT Director, explains “ The main thing we were looking for was the ability to see student PCs during classes as well as being able to blank their screens when necessary. We also wanted to be able to copy files and needed the ability to control multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS and iOS. In our computer labs, we now have all of our standard and mobile Windows devices loaded with NetSupport School. This allows the teacher the ability to lock the screen as well as monitor student activity and help the students when needed. We are also in the process of testing the Mac OS software for support on our iMacs and MacBooks.

Not only has NetSupport School saved us time and increased our productivity, but it is also very easy to use and install. It makes remote assistance in a lab environment so easy. It allows us to access machines remotely while a user is working, giving us the ability to assist from our own workstations.”

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