A new study from the Energy Center of Wisconsin found that companies are losing $50 per computer per year by not using sleep settings consistently. For a company with over 100 pcs, that could be a saving of over $5000 per year!

With NetSupport DNA, companies can use the Energy Monitoring module to gain a simple and concise high-level summary of potential energy wastage across an organization by computer systems that are left powered on out of business hours.

NetSupport DNA checks to verify the powered-on state of all computers and its local monitoring component keeps an accurate record of each time a computer is powered on, off or hibernates. Once it knows the times of day each computer was operational, an average (and customizable) “power consumption per device” calculation is used, facilitating a baseline energy usage calculation for all computers.

With this information to hand, Power Management policies can now be set. Selected PCs can be set to automatically power off at a specified time at the end of each day and then power back on – all at once, or in stages – the next morning. In addition, “inactivity policies” can be applied, allowing rules to be applied for systems to sleep, log out or power down if they have been inactive over a period of time.

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