Did you know that $200,000 is spent by an average school on paper annually and $3,000 to $4,000 is spent monthly on paper, ink and toner?! With school budgets constantly under strain, schools are looking for ways to help reduce costs, and print management is one area schools are neglecting. 

Using the Print Management tools in NetSupport School (available as a stand-alone solution or within NetSupport DNA), Tutors have total control over printer usage within the classroom and the Tutor can monitor and control all printing activity by connected Students or printer. Students can be prevented from printing, be assigned page limits or require Tutor authorization to print.

The print management feature supports multiple printers within a classroom, prevents the addition, deletion or modification of existing printers and provides printing usage summaries as part of the Student register. It also allows the Tutor to see jobs as they happen, pause, delete and resume printing.


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