According to, 30% of students say that being able to message their teacher for help during class would help them be more successful.

Within NetSupport DNA, educators can access award-winning classroom management tools (NetSupport School – also available as a standalone solution) that enable students to send an alert to their teacher when work is complete, if they need help or if they need urgent help. They do this by clicking the Help Request icon in the student toolbar and selecting which type of alert to send to the teacher. The student toolbar will change colour depending on the alert selected. This allows the tutor, when walking around the class, to quickly and discreetly identify students in need of help.

If a student raises a help request, an alert will be shown on the teacher’s device, provided it currently has that student connected. Any outstanding help requests will also be visible to the teacher with a Help Request icon displayed next to the student and a badge indicating the number of outstanding help requests on the toolbar. This will show until that help request has been cleared.

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