Did you know that 48% of people plug in USB drives they found outside? Luckily, NetSupport DNA contains a simple and effective solution for managing the use of USB memory sticks to help maintain the security of the network.

The use of memory sticks can be controlled across the entire enterprise or, just for specific departments and usage, can be set to allow full access, block all access, allow read-only or prevent applications being run from a memory stick. Alternatively, individual memory sticks can be “authorised” in NetSupport DNA – for the current day, a week or indefinitely – and the use of sticks in the enterprise can also be limited to only those authorised.

A program administrator can connect a memory stick to their local PC and then authorise its use within the DNA console for either a given department or a specific user. Users who connect an unauthorised memory stick to their PC can also request remote authorisation, where appropriate. Not only does NetSupport DNA identify both removable (memory stick) and portable (mobile phone, tablet, camera) storage devices, it also provides similar usage controls over CD / DVD devices (including USB and virtual).
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