In the third-annual edtech survey by the journal, 77% of teachers say that technology has made their job much easier.

NetSupport’s classroom management solution, NetSupport School (also available in NetSupport DNA), is designed with teachers and schools to ensure its features are easy-to-use and add real value. For teachers, there are many time-saving benefits in NetSupport School, from turning multiple PCs on or off to monitoring 30 PCs from one central point. It also helps to maximize teaching time by locking students’ screens and blocking certain applications or websites, helping teachers to capture and maintain student focus.

Many of the features in NetSupport School are specifically developed in line with educational recommendations and accepted “best practice.” NetSupport School includes the provision of lesson details and expected outcomes visible to all students – and Student Journals delivering a full contextual record of key content for any lesson (and a valuable resource for absent students). For effective assessment in the classroom, the unique Q&A module in NetSupport School provides quick and easy 1:1, peer and group assessment tools. Groups and Group Leader features facilitate differentiation in the classroom.