According to 48% of companies report tech-performance issues daily, meaning every single day users will have reduced productivity levels from dealing with technology performance.

Luckily, with NetSupport DNA, you can keep on top of issues quickly with proactive alerts – forewarning you of potential issues, so you can deal with them before they escalate into problems.

Tackling big IT problems can take significant amounts of time; affecting users and incurring financial – or even reputational costs for your organisation. So to help you work proactively to maintain your network (rather than fixing it reactively), NetSupport DNA gives you a complete alerting suite that allows you to monitor hundreds of scenarios and warn you when problems occur − or, better still, before they occur − to avoid lost productivity.

You can customise the frequency and level of alerts for your systems and cover a multitude of scenarios − anything from disk space running low; network utilisation too high; a key service (such as anti-virus) being stopped; detecting a specific warning in a PC event log; through to unwanted changes of hardware; unauthorised software being installed; and much more.

Included as standard, the Alerting module is a real value-add for any IT team; helping you work smarter by proactively saving time.

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