NetSupport School (award-winning classroom management) is a fully future-proofed solution which continues to keep pace with the latest platform developments and embraces the changing IT landscape in schools, by offering dedicated versions for all leading desktop and mobile platforms. Support is included for Windows, Chromebooks, Android and iOS – and now macOS.

Monitor and instruct in a Mac environment

With a completely refreshed user interface and 64-bit support to run the latest macOS devices (including v10.15), NetSupport School for macOS (previously known as NetSupport Assist) makes it even easier for teachers to identify and navigate to features and connect to students using a full mix of different platforms.

Key features include:

  • Connect from a Mac to Chromebooks, Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices
  • Connect to a Mac student from any device/platform
  • Monitor the entire class or individual students via thumbnails
  • Show the teacher’s screen to all or selected students
  • Chat and send messages to the class or selected students
  • Monitor and control application and internet use
  • Conduct quick end-of-lesson surveys
  • Hand out and automatically collect files from each student
  • Plus much more!

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