According to the Pew Research center of Internet & Technology, 79% of teachers agree that technology “encourages greater collaboration among students” while according to RibbonFish  91% of administrators say effective use of edtech is critical to achieving high student achievement.

In the classroom management and instruction toolkit, NetSupport School, there are a wealth of collaborative and assessment features to boost student learning outcomes.

A simple whiteboard is integrated directly within the Tutor software and is supported by a wealth of drawing tools for improved collaboration within the classroom. It can be shown in real-time to all students in the class and, when needed, they can all interact with it.

Using the chat feature, the teacher can open a chat discussion that all or selected students can join, enter their comments and share with the rest of the class – now with emoticons!

Plus, the unique Q+A mode enables teachers to reinforce key learning points and instantly gauge students’ lesson comprehension with its range of gamified assessment options.

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