NetSupport DNA is designed to help business’s budgets go further and achieve a quick ROI. From identifying energy wastage and unnecessary printing, to helping make informed decisions on hardware and software – every penny is utilized effectively.

Its comprehensive and detailed Hardware Inventory gathers a huge amount of data from each of your devices: from CPU and BIOS types, to network, video and storage information – saving your business the cost of you having to collect it manually and meaning you can re-direct your efforts to other tasks! These reports also give you increased visibility over your IT assets – showing you at a glance which PCs can be upgraded rather than replaced or where hardware can be redeployed to other users; preventing unnecessary spending on items that could otherwise have been reused.

To help further increase savings for your business, NetSupport DNA’s Energy Monitoring and Power Management tools keep you informed of how many PCs are left on out of office hours – and, most importantly, how the costs of this can significantly add up over time.

Once you have this information to hand, you can use the Power Management feature to schedule devices to power on or shut down PCs at certain times of the day. You can also apply “inactivity policies” that allow you to set rules for systems to sleep, log out or power down if they have been inactive over a period of time. It also makes it easy for you to deploy a power management policy out to selected departments.

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