NetSupport work with thousands of companies across the world, gaining their feedback to ensure our solutions are relevant, effective and support security. From keeping the network secure to helping ensure data is safeguarded, NetSupport’s solutions add an extra layer of protection.

Our Network and IT Management solution, NetSupport DNA, supplies companies with the essential tools to safeguard systems and shield them from internal or external security threats – in addition to tracking, monitoring and managing IT activity.

  • Control the use of removable devices
  • Prevent access to insecure or inappropriate sites/applications
  • Be alerted to changes i.e. if a key service such as anti-virus is stopped
  • Gain a real-time overview of all PCs on the network and their active notifications to identify and resolve issues quickly
  • Plus much more!

Our multi-platform Remote Control solution, NetSupport Manager, has been recognised for the last 20 years as delivering the most secure remote control available, making it the choice of military and financial institutions across the globe.

  • Password protection for all systems
  • User acknowledgment (user must be present and authorise each inbound connection request)
  • Record and replay remote control sessions to keep a history of all activity during a session
  • 256bit encryption and smart card support
  • Integrate directly with Active Directory profiles for user validation

Meanwhile, Alerting and Notification solution, NetSupport Notify, allows all staff to be informed simultaneously and immediately – avoiding potential delays experienced with emails entering an already busy in-box, and also ensures users can’t ignore the message.

  • The notification gateway allows messages to be sent to staff across multiple sites
  • Delivered messages are recorded centrally with full delivery/receipt logging
  • Unique security codes limit access to only authorized Agents and Consoles
  • Control ability to send alerts by Active Directory policy
  • No need for router changes or support for broadcast UDP

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