This week (Monday 14th – Friday 18th October) is Digital Citizenship Week in the U.S. The concept was created to ensure individuals think critically about what they see online, understand the benefits and risks of sharing information, as well as balancing screen time with other activities.

Schools will promote digital citizenship in the classroom by giving students of all ages different activities to complete – ranging from discussions on how much screen time is suitable to being mentally prepared for social media and having a voice online.

Our IT Asset Management and Internet Safety solution, NetSupport DNA, enables teachers to promote digital citizenship to students, while keeping them protected. The restriction and controlled access of websites is possible through the internet metering feature, meaning students can have use of the internet whilst only viewing approved content. A ‘Report a Concern’ system is also in place within the internet safety module, providing students’ with a way to communicate with staff about issues they are experiencing.

Click here to learn more about NetSupport DNA for schools! In addition, download a copy of our Digital Citizenship Week poster.