Over the past 9 years, the Technology & Curriculum Conference of Aldine has grown to be one of the largest free EdTech conferences in the U.S. with attendees coming as far as Arkansas and Louisiana.  The conference is put on entirely by Digital Learning Specialists with the sole purpose of exposing educators to the most cutting edge vendors and top-notch sessions.

Come visit the NetSupport team to see the latest features added to NetSupport DNA, the award-winning Network and IT Management solution; including off-site remote control which allows Technicians using their DNA Console to connect to a device at another school they support via the secure inbuilt Gateway component. This is a useful tool for school districts where support is needed for remote schools that are not part of the same WAN.

Meanwhile in NetSupport School, added macOS support (previously known as NetSupport Assist) provides extra flexibility to allow teachers to connect from a Mac device, to students using a full mix of different platforms including; Mac, Chromebooks, Windows, iOS and Android. Plus, the teacher can connect to a Mac student from any device/platform.