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Recently on the blog, Henry Platten (founder of eCadets and GoBubble), discusses the importance of pupil voice and how celebrating Pupil Voice Week can be an excellent springboard for reinforcing the importance of online safety messaging within the school setting.

Thursday 10th October marked World Mental Health Day 2019; an ideal opportunity to open up a dialogue on the subject of mental health awareness. Henry Platten discusses how much do we really know about mental health issues and how prevalent mental health problems are in our children’s lives. 

Meanwhile, a new report by Ben Whitaker (certified Google Educator, Trainer and Innovator and former Assistant Principal) has just been released. The report, named ‘Gatekeepers in Technology’, explores how to convince the people who hold the purse strings in your school that the best way of spending your school’s money is on the edtech that you know will benefit your students – now and into the future.

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