Celebrated annually on November 13, World Kindness Day aims to celebrate and promote acts of kindness and create a kinder world for everyone. In the spirit of World Kindness Day, we’re promoting kindness throughout November and, with the help of our solutions, helping people to reduce stress, decrease their workloads, and improve wellbeing.

NetSupport DNA provides both corporate entities and educational installations the tools to track and manage IT assets and endpoints. IT teams can use real-time data and statistics to make better informed decisions about their IT ecosystem while reducing costs and saving time by minimizing system downtime.

NetSupport Notify helps companies and schools to communicate effectively with staff / students from any desktop, tablet or smartphone and deliver one-way notifications and alerts that cannot be ignored. Administrators can set different levels of severity and customization while delivering critical alerts across multiple network segments and dispersed sites.

NetSupport School’s control, collaboration, and assessment tools all help to boost kindness by encouraging teamwork, group leadership skills, and constructive peer-to-peer feedback. Teachers can even access all the tools they need in one click, allowing them to maximize teaching time.