Mark Anderson (ICT Evangelist) reviews NetSupport School, the classroom monitoring and instruction solution.

Mark explains “NetSupport School, for me, is the perfect teacher companion if you’re in a school where technology-enhanced learning takes place regularly within your classrooms. If you have a BYOD, Windows, iPad, Android tab, Mac or Thin Client setup where learners will be using those devices, NetSupport School can help in many useful, pedagogical and time-saving ways.”

Mark goes on to highlight “Essentially, NetSupport School helps teachers to instruct, manage, instruct, monitor and assess, all from a handy teacher console. with its significant range of tools to help with efficiencies and time savings, assessment for learning, sharing of resources and files and much more, I cannot see why any school (even if just being used in suites that have banks of computers) couldn’t and wouldn’t benefit from its use.”

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