The award-winning classroom management and instruction solution, NetSupport School, includes new features and enhancements in its latest version, V14, to not only maximise edtech investment, but also help support the growing issue of student and teacher wellbeing.

Classroom technology is heavily embedded within education and, when used effectively, can make a real difference to both students and teachers in terms of saving time and boosting learning outcomes. But first, schools must ensure the technology they have is easy to use. It sounds simple, but so many teachers struggle to use technology effectively or simply lack confidence – which, in turn, causes them anxiety and stress.

With this in mind, NetSupport School ensures its features and functions are accessible to all teaching staff (regardless of their tech experience and knowledge) with its three modes for using the Tutor Console’s user interface: Easy, Intermediate and Advanced. The new ‘Easy’ mode allows technology-shy teachers to only see and use the core tools needed to maintain control over the class – supporting simplicity and ease of use. By ensuring there are as few barriers to the use of the school’s technology as possible, the school can maximise and justify its continued investment in edtech.

Meanwhile, the new Student Feedback mode in NetSupport School provides a great way for teachers to capture how students feel, their confidence with a topic and whether they need extra support. The teacher can view the class average result to help them to see the general mood/understanding across the class at a quick glance or investigate an individual’s response and take appropriate actions where needed.

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