A new version of NetSupport DNA has just been released – providing even more benefits to schools and businesses to help them manage their technology effectively. Version 4.8 adds further support to help make budgets go further, while supporting data handling best practice and wellbeing.

School and business leaders are under increasing pressure to do more while spending less – and greater insight can help them make more informed decisions. NetSupport DNA’s new Efficiency View can support leaders and managers in gaining a complete overview of their technology and how it is being used, via its unique dashboard. It also highlights, at a glance, the areas where efficiency can be improved to create cost- and time-saving benefits, e.g. highlighting which PCs are least effectively used (and therefore can be redeployed) or which apps are the least used (and therefore may not need renewing). Compiling this data into one simple-to-read dashboard makes it easy to quickly see the whole picture. What’s more, the information can be saved and exported as a report and the data can be displayed for customised dates – making it easy to evidence any findings.

In addition, the new Data Retention Policy helps organisations to reduce the amount of data they store. Scheduled to automatically delete data (such as internet/application metering, login sessions and more) over 365 days old (default mode), it helps organisations to keep up to date with the data they hold. Extra performance enhancements have also been added to the thumbnail view in Explorer mode, making it even quicker and easier to view multiple PCs at once. Meanwhile, the Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) feature now allows policies to be applied to users (in addition to specific devices) for display each time any user logs on (or for one-time display and acknowledgement) – making it easier for staff (and students) to receive different AUPs where needed.

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To learn more about NetSupport DNA’s new features for schools, click here.