We have recently released new versions of our award-winning classroom management and instruction solution, NetSupport School (V14) and IT Asset Management solution, NetSupport DNA (V4.8, education and corporate editions).

In these latest versions, new features and enhancements have been added to further support schools’ and companies’ needs, from cost saving and data management to supporting student and teacher wellbeing.


Take a closer look at NetSupport School’s new features:

• Student Feedback: Use visual indicators to capture students’ wellbeing, their confidence with a topic and whether they need extra support – allowing teachers to take appropriate actions where needed.

• Easy user mode: Makes functions accessible to even the most technology-shy teachers with one-click access to basic classroom management features.


Take a closer look at NetSupport DNA’s new features:

• Efficiency View: A unique dashboard that highlights at a glance the key areas where your organisation can make further efficiency savings.

• Data Retention Policy: Reduce the amount of data stored via a scheduled policy to automatically delete data over 12 months old (default mode).


To learn more about the new features designed for schools, click here.

To learn more about the new features designed for businesses, click here.