Today (27th February) is Digital Learning Day, an event created to celebrate the use of technology in strengthening a student’s learning experience. The event began in 2012, providing a venue for education leaders to highlight teaching practice and showcase all things innovative, pushing towards improving results.


Why celebrate Digital Learning Day?

Many positive impacts have come from the increased use of tech in education, such as the access to more challenging content, an increase in quality, the ability for online assessment and feedback, as well as the chance to learn anytime and anywhere. With all of the continuous developments in the edtech sector, it can be hard to keep up with the latest and greatest devices, software and tools available – spreading the knowledge and ideas helps to ensure that all students, no matter their location, can access the highest quality digital learning opportunities possible.

One main Digital Learning Day focus is on classroom management software, and our solution, NetSupport School, is packed with comprehensive features to improve technology-led teaching and boost learning outcomes. Some of these features include assessment, collaboration and control tools (such as the Q&A and Survey modes), an interactive whiteboard, chat function, Digital Journals, the new Student Feedback Mode and much more!


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