Ensuring children can report a concern they might have is key to an effective safeguarding policy. NetSupport DNA includes a way for students to report their concerns in confidence to a trusted member of staff via the Report a Concern option, from any device, in any location, and at any time of day.

The school simply adds the student ‘Report a concern’ feature to their own website, allowing students to report their concerns via the internet.

The member of staff is instantly alerted when a concern is raised and can then track the concern and record any follow up actions directly from within NetSupport DNA. Senior staff and safeguarding leads at the school can be assigned rights to view all concerns raised and will be alerted if any concern is not actioned within a predefined period of time.

The key to this feature is to offer simplicity and ease of access for students with the flexibility and safeguards to ensure it is effective for use by schools.

For details on how to add the ‘report a concern’ button to your school website, view p250 of our manual.  Or book a quick online demo.