With the current lockdown conditions imposed as a result of Covid-19, working and studying from home has never been more relevant.

Many edtech vendors are making their resources available for educators and students to use at home, to help provide some continuity to their work and education and keep the momentum going.

NetSupport is part of this group and is offering the use of our remote control solution, NetSupport Manager – for free – for the next few months. The solution allows school technicians to provide fully secure support to educators working remotely, regardless of their location – plus, teachers working at home can access any resources or desktop apps on their school PC just as securely, so work and learning can continue with minimum disruption.

This offer currently appears on the eSchool NewsTHE Journal and the California IT in Education (CITE) websites, where you can find details of further resources for schools to use at this challenging time.

In addition, you can find out more about NetSupport Manager and the opportunity to use it for free to support your staff and students here.