Did you know that, at NetSupport, we have our very own radio station where we record live radio shows, podcasts and broadcast live from big education events like the Bett show. We even have our own radio app!

With our dedicated radio app, you can stay up to date with NetSupport’s latest broadcasts and listen back to our previous podcasts on topics such as safeguarding, digital citizenship and teaching with edtech – plus, catch up on all the activity and interviews with key education experts from recent Bett shows.

You can also listen to chats about all things education-related from specialists in the sector in our Big Education Debates, as well as learn about how edtech can help your school or Trust with managing its IT, complying with GDPR – and much more!

To download the radio app and listen back to all of our previous shows and podcasts, visit https://netsupportradio.beezer.com/