Whether you’re still remote teaching and learning or preparing to return to school, NetSupport School has you covered!


Remote teaching and learning

Did you know, if your school has a Remote Desktop Environment, NetSupport School can be used just as it would be in lessons, with teachers interacting with students as if they were all sitting together in a classroom.
Privacy is also protected, as nothing is installed on any student’s or teacher’s personal devices, plus once the teacher/student logs out, the session is closed.


Supporting social distancing

To maintain social distancing, many schools are going to be spreading classes across multiple rooms; however, this creates the prospect of teachers having to teach students in separate rooms whilst trying to ensure they all stay on task. With NetSupport School, you can do both – with ease!

  • Match the layout of the physical classroom – or rooms – on your screen
  • Use internet and application metering to keep students on task
  • Use real-time instruction tools to lead the class in learning
  • View and control students’ screens
  • Students can use the help request or chat tool to ask for assistance without having to leave their desk
  • Plus, much more!


Learn more at https://www.netsupportschool.com/distance-learning/