ICT Evangelist, Mark Anderson, has reviewed NetSupport School, our classroom instruction and monitoring solution. 

Introducing the solution, Mark said “NetSupport School, for me, is the perfect teacher companion if you’re in a school where technology-enhanced learning takes place regularly within your classrooms.” He went on to highlight that “Essentially, NetSupport School is a classroom management solution when technology is being used by its learners.”

Mark goes on to say “NetSupport School is the perfect tool to help give teachers the confidence to use technology in the classroom with their learners. Added to that, with its significant range of tools to help with efficiencies and time savings, assessment for learning, sharing of resources and files and much more, I cannot see why any school (even if just being used in suites that have banks of computers) couldn’t and wouldn’t benefit from its use.”

To read the full review or watch the short video, click here.